Swedish deep tissue therapeutic massage - BodyBalanceFullBodyWorkin
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SWEDISH, DEEP TISSUE AND THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE: The psychosomatic therapists at Body Balance seek to sort out “the issues in your tissues”. The body workers connect with your deepest pain using trigger point release therapy massage. The trigger points open up your body’s blockage and the therapist will use the different type of massage options to release the stuck energy and pain in your muscles. This specialist session is designed for working towards permanent healing and breakthrough results to release your deepest pain lingering on the surface and in the core of your body. This truly melts your stress away. This unique method soothes body, mind and soul with a mixture of posture correction, emotional trigger point release, energy work, deep issue and relaxation massage. The techniques in this session will teach you and your body how to truly let go. Your body is your business. No body, no business.