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Posture correction yoga alignment

POSTURE CORRECTION AND YOGA ALIGNMENT: The posture correction yoga alignment session is designed to bring conscious awareness of how you are holding and using your body to create balance and function in the mechanics of your operating system. Clients will be lined up on a plum line, a string your center point to see how your energy is balanced in your vessel and how you have been using your body mechanics as a vehicle that takes you everywhere. This session will teach you how to stand, walk, sit and move while being aware and breathing into your vessel. This session will create function in your mind and body, digestion, weight loss, lower and upper back and neck pain discomfort, preventing hip and knee surgery. You will be taking a before and after picture of your posture so bring your camera for the comparison. Following will be homework to happiness with yoga poses to prevent future damage and correct the current shape you are in; your body is your business, no body no business.