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Face analysis and face massage

FACE ANALASYS AND FACE MASSAGE: In this day and age we are faced with enormous amounts of pressure, thinking and analyzing the world in us and around us. It is now time to clam your mind and your tension to navigate through these dark waters, to make better decisions at times of great pressure. The face reading psychosomatic session is designed to release the large amount of pressure that gets stored in our head and face. Every day we are to put on a face and go out to perform in the world this massage releases pressure points on the back of your head, neck and face. You will receive a full head massage front and back then will learn characters about the shape of your face and how it applies to the way you work in this world. Your face will let go of tension and shift back into balance after just one session, truly melting stress off your mind. Your face will appear more symmetrical as this is sacred work and it works!