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Eating for blood type lifestyle

EATING FOR BLOOD TYPE LIFESTLYE: The body is not designed to be sick naturally. Animals do not get sick. Why do we get sick? There has been a violation to our food that is making us sick. The foods create stress in your body. Why do we get sick and what is this violation? The violation happens when we are not eating the right food for our body. Food causes fear, stress and inflammation; food kills. The long term effects of bad food are reversible, eating for blood type works healing from the inside out. Anything made by nature heals. Vegan diets are the best root to health. Clean eating eliminates disease, depression and is the path to your inner happiness. Eat right for your blood type. There is a formula for failure and there is formula for your success, food is fuel. Eating for health using food to heal is the answer to your health. The food needs to be alkaline. With it being  alkaline it is acid free and it is electrical. We have to clean the cells of the toxins that have been accumulated and brought disease in the first place. We have to clean the toxins out. Eliminate the starch and prevent the uric acid, the carbonic acid, and the lactic acid. Being free of those acids is the key. We have to build the body back up with energy that is natural from the natural plant herbs that heal; eating all alkaline plants is your alignment to health.