Our Team - BodyBalanceFullBodyWorkin
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Rebecka Dawn
Full Body Alignment Coach
Rebecka is the founder and CEO of Body Balance Full Body Workin. Rebecka is a Psychosomatic Therapist, Intuitive Body Worker and Yoga Instructor. Certified and embodied in many modalities, she is your best guide to full body alignment with your Mind, Emotions and Body. Constantly thriving to acquire new knowledge, her high uplifting approach and authentic energy will take you from victim to victor. The value and results you create with Rebecka will bring a true state of well being and lasting health for your renewed body. Rebecka understands the body inside and out, she works with your body naturally and organically to start you on your permanent release process.
William Martin
Body Worker Psychosomatic Therapist in training
William understood for a long time his career should be about healing people and improving their lives. By Joining Body Balance Full Body Workin, he is on a mission to guide people into healing themselves. William is inspired to train as a psychosomatic therapist, holistic intuitive body worker and in the near future study to become a registered massage therapist (RMT).
Francisco Cruz
Kambo Shaman
I am the founder of an Ayahuasca retreat Center in the Peruvian Amazon forest called Kambohuasca Lodge. One of the most amazing things I have learned is the medicine called Kambo. I have been working with this medicine for three years. I see the change it makes in people’s lives and it is truly amazing and rewarding, this sacred ceremony heals at a cellular level.