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More about Body Balance’s program

Your Body is Your Business. No Body No Business. Why you need Body Balance Full Body Workin?


Do you have pain and knots in your body, repetitive patterns and cycles that just won’t go away?


You are in pain for the simple fact that you are out of alignment, your body is out of alignment with your true authentic self, alignment with Source and the divine. It is time to come home; it is time to get into your body, your temple and connect with the vortex of your life.


It is time for your full body awareness. It is time to become conscious of your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, your reactions and how you are creating your body. What shape are you in now and what shape you would  like to be in? You grew your body according to the events that happened in your life, your beliefs , your thoughts, emotions and reactions. What would like to create now, as your body creates your life.

Your body is a dirt garden. It is time to pull your weeds and plant new seeds!


Expectations: This is nothing like you expected so leave your expectations, judgments and egos at home as you must have an open mind, heart and body. You will not achieve new results expecting the same old things and doing the same old things. You must do something completely new. Invest in yourself, your mind, your body and your health as this is all you have in the beginning and the end of your journey in life. Invest in your body balance full body workin!


What is psychosomatic therapy: Psychosomatic means Body-Mind connection and the process of connecting both as one unit. The psychosomatic process finds the ‘issues in your tissues’ as the proof is in the pudding. Your mind may take your on an adventure or a good story but the evidence is clear in the body and how balanced the flesh actually is from your feet to your head.


Psychosomatics : Is the leading edge in health science. This process provides systematic steps for your full body awareness, while self examination can connect you to your true potential and characteristics becoming consciously available. This enables you on your authentic self-healing journey. Psychosomatics will give you answers and bring you true results.


The psychosomatic paradigm: The past is dead and gone yet why does it still hurt? I must change to be present in this moment to enable the possibility of renewing my life in each moment. As we consciously recognize some of these new opportunities each moment, the cognitive behaviour of the cortex of our right hemisphere develops. This is transferred to the left hemisphere and our behavioural patterns can be renewed. You are able to shed the old you like the skinof the snake and become reborn into a newer version of yourself.


What shape am I in: The barometer of my health that, so clearly shows how the internal functions of my body systems demonstrate externally their functional relationships? The fact is that your body reflects your past and the journey of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, interactions and events. Your flesh is a machine that operates with a function or dysfunction presenting what shape are you in. What kind of ride and blueprint are you planning to have on your journey and process in life; you need to get crystal clear. You grew your body. Where are you at now and where do you want to blossom. What shape are you in and what is your body built for?


What psychosomatic work will do for you and your body: It will let go of the issues in your tissues and soften your outer shell,  align the neck and torso, correct your posture  and alignment, Deep three stage diaphragmatic breathing to loosen your relationship with pouches and pulsation. Work with emotional release trigger-point therapy, stimulate awareness of inner and outer emotional relationship, reverse the assumed attitude to life and energy flow. Expand internal awareness of space, soften outer layers of muscle tissues, release blocks and tension. Achieve more connections to your shadow, your inner core and your true self.


Humans: You are not a human doing you are a human being. There is no try; you either do it or you don’t. Humans tend to learn 3% of new information. Expanding to learn about you and your body will be new and it will take balance of doing and balance of being with yourself. Learn to be yourself and live the authentic life of your dreams. There is a time and a place to do and there is a time and a place to be. Your body produces your life and you do this by producing a healthy body-mind, as your body produces the experiences of your life from the balance of your tissue. Turn your reality into your dreams and make your dreams your reality.


Thoughts or Focus: Thoughts create blocks. Thoughts are like stinky diapers in your body and stop your rhythm of breathing and the flow in your life. You do not need thoughts; you need to focus! Focus on the body and flow of your life to manifest your dreams. Focus on your healthy alignment and your body-mind will take you there. Focus, feelings and body posture create your life. If you understand how your system work you can work with your system. Do you send your focus into worrying about what you don’t have? Do you clearly understand how to pray and be grateful of what you do have? Change your focus, change your body, change your life!


Chakras: Are energy centers and pools of energy that mark the vortex of balance in the masculine, feminine and center of your energy flow. As the human being and soul consciousness act out their combined life experiences, in the corresponding areas of our life’s physical expression. 1ST RED-BASE: Vital life-force, survival, security, mobility, grounding to mother earth’s magnetic energy. ( Jaw, chin, inside heels, base of thumb, buttocks, thighs, calves, organs, glands, nervous system, pelvic plexus, coccyx, perineum, kidneys.) 2ND ORANGE-SACRAL: Intuition, creativity, sensuality, sexuality, procreation, family, relationships. ( Lips, outer heels, base of the palm under little finger, pelvic region, inside legs to knees and forearms, genitals, ovaries, gonads, urinary tract, bowels, lower intestine) 3RD YELLOW-SOLAR PLEXUS: Identity, authority, personality, desire, manifestation. ( Nose, arch of foot, center of palm, midsection front and back, ankles, knees and elbows.) 4TH GREEN-HEART: Compassion, worthiness, commitment, balance, self love. ( Eyes, balls of the feet, base of the fingers, upper arms, front and back of chest, cardiac plexus, heart, thymus gland, lungs, circulatory system, blood.) 5TH BLUE THROAT: Communication, vibration, individuality, mental and emotional expression. ( Eyebrows, base of toes, 3rd digit below knuckles, neck, carotid plexus, larynx, thyroid, respiratory system, bronchial and vocal apparatus, oesophagus.) 6TH INDIGO THIRD EYE: Bigger picture, teacher, charisma, oneness, soul purpose, awareness. ( brow bone, observation lobe, pads of toes, 2nd digit above knuckles, pituitary plexus, autonomic nervous system, lower brain. 7TH PURPLE CROWN: Intellect, inspiration, divinity, presence, authority. ( Hairline and top of head, tips of toes, 1st digit to the tips of fingers, central nervous system, cranial plexus, upper brain, brain stem, pineal gland.)


Crystals: Are ancient tools and technologies used for healing your body and your life, just because you don’t believe in them, it does not mean they don’t believe in you. They can and will assist as tools and guide you on your healing journey. Crystals are amazing healing tools. They really work to heal your body, so work with them. Body Balance crystals are powered with a 144 side vogel crystal wand and are super charged for your maximum healing!


Body Balance Transmutation Salt: Salt heals on all realms; cleanses on every level. Back in biblical times salt was considered more valuable than gold. To this day salt is used for detoxifying  your flesh and purifying your soul. Body Balance transmutation salt must be used for your after care session as the trigger points and techniques used open up the gateways of mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical release. You will be reborn into a clear new vessel. Body Balance Full Body Workin transmutation salt detox bath will turn you from a caterpillar into a butterfly in just one bath.


Homework to Happiness: If you do not do your homework you will not be happy, if you do your homework you will be happy. You learn how to be dysfunctional on all levels it is time to learn proper function. Doing the same old things with not get you new results, life is work yet it can be fun as you are learning about you and your body function. You are working on homework to become authentic and create ever lasting health because your worth it, you deserve inner joy.


Self awareness of Body-Mind-Soul drift apart because of distraction in our life experiences, we can feel imbalance in the body as physical dis-ease, in the mind as mental and emotional dis-ease, and the soul consciousness as spiritual dis-ease as a loss of life’s purpose and direction. These three vital connections need serious attention in our society today. We have the free will to choose to be destructive or constructive and come back to our self awareness by using focus, balance and structure in a more positive way every moment of our breathing lives.


Real Connections are made at Body Balance. You cannot put a price on yourself as you are priceless. You are worth everything. In life every second counts and every breath matters. Start on your health today. Call body balance because you are worth it.  We work together because two heads are better than one. Do not workout, workin, with this method achieve full body balance and true lasting health. Health is number one. You are number one at body balance full body workin.  The value and results you will get out of our sessions are timeless in creating everlasting joy and true happiness. Your body is your business. No body, no business.


Keep your feet straight and you will find your direction and purpose.

Pain has purpose, what is your purpose?