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Homework To Happiness



If you can not get an appointment right away don’t get mad get to your homework!

1- YouTube: Abraham Hicks-Letting go use Abraham as a tool to re-program your conscious, subconscious and super conscious Body-Mind. We have to feel what we want to feel go deep and get real. Let go, release, surrender. Write a letter to all the people that did you wrong say truly what you did not say. Hand write it out in full emotion then burn it and set your new intentions, create the space to heal.

2- Shift your focus wheel barrel of baggage or wheel barrel of diamonds. Be consistently clear pick one to push forward. If you spend your energy and focus worrying then you certainly can spend your time praying stop worrying start praying. Focusing on the outside forces of the world and on others can be adventurous but it is not your adventure, it is not your world, your world is an inside job. Start a vision board NOW!

3- Cleanse your perception cleanse your body it starts with your body. Your body produces your life and food is fuel. Food controls your body all depression roots from a low nutritional food source. Food heals your body and it heals your life from the inside out. Find out what your blood type is then proceed to down load the eating for blood type app, start eating for your blood type now.

4- Make a list of all your fears understand your shadow, make a list of things that you can do to relax into love with yourself. Fear and love cannot live in the same space the more you come home to your body the more fear has to leave; fear is just a lack of love. Release your fears and start loving yourself make the most in every moment on all levels, love is all there is.

5- Elements of manifestation: Be grateful, expect it, imagine it in detail, believe it will happen, let go of the outcome, trust the universe, any minute now attitude and take the first step! Thoughts become things; think about your dreams all the time. Get crystal clear write down what you desire in your life visualize it all day all night until it is your experience. Imagine you are on the fence and the fence is burning down if you could only save one your nightmares or dreams; which one would you save?

6- Pain has purpose and pain is a message avoid reacting to it listen close to it and take care of your pain. Use a flax seed hot/cold pack from Heart Felt alicia.pierre@gmail.com put a cold pack on your aches and pain every night. Take a purifying bath with Body Balance transmutation salt bath. This salt bath has 5 different salts, 12 different essential oils, dried herbs and spices, infused organic ginger, lemon, lime and grape fruit, rose petals and is cleansed under the full moon programmed with reiki healing music, taking one month to cure. Other salts will leave you still feeling like a moth, this salt is specialized and designed for taking you from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

7- Start mediating on your body pain “the pain body” messages what is your body speaking to you? Become very aware of your body come home and breathe your life force into your vessel, be conscious of your breathing pattern. Breathing expands your body your body creates and produces your life. The only way to expand your life is to expand your breathing. By breathing your life force into your body your temple when you are home your life with start. Create a rhythm in your breathing pattern inhale through your nose 4 sec, hold 4 sec reset come back to this present moment create the space on this dense planet then exhale from your mouth 8 sec slow motion; the only thing we are here to do is breathe.

8- Posture Alignment create balance and straight lines in your feet, knees, hips, belly, arms , shoulders, chin, gaze and spine. Breathe your life force into your vessel engage and relax into your posture practice and embody every moment of  every breath.

9- Practice self worth and start loving yourself in a deeper fuller and more authentic way start now. 

10- Your body is a dirt garden it is time to pull out the weeds and plant new seeds!

11- Start your health journal NOW!