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About Body Balance

Mission: To Align One Body at A Time with the Divine Source!

Vision: Create a new path in your life, body-mind, vessel, temple working to transmute without doubt, judgment, criticism or misunderstanding of your Heart and assist you in creating the authentic life of your dreams with true results!

Intention: Release your body pain, psychosomatic therapy is a path that needs to be experienced and embodied. Homework to Happiness is very sacred work, when you do the work-the work works!

Where: My home healing center the light house space safe zone!

When: Every day matters every second counts every breath is the difference between death and life! How are you showing up of your self, your life and for the people you love?

Why: Life has a formula for failure and a formula for success. Your mind is the train your body is the tracks, it takes a real formula to run your system. Figure out how your system works and we can work with your system. Create a formula for success NOW!


Real Connections are made at Body Balance you cannot put a price on your life, your life is priceless you are worth everything moment each moment at a time. Every second counts you matter! Start on your health today call us we are looking forward to working with your Body Balance! Your Body is your Business, No Body, No Business. Health is number one, you are number one at body balance. For true lasting health stop working out and start working in!

                                                                                                 BOOK BODY BALANCE FULL BODY WORK IN NOW!

How Body Balance Blossomed From Nothing

Rebecka had a successful career in the fashion and hair industry, she was very good at it but it was not her soul’s journey. Rebecka’s body had failed her and was forced to quit then decided to move to Calgary overnight, five days later was asked if she wanted to become a yoga teacher. Rebecka started her yoga and healing journey with one thing clear her vision of health. It was brutal battle and struggle every moment of her life a dark journey of core pain. Rebecka was out of her childhood home at the age of 16 with suppressed trauma restricting her body causing dis-ease and chronic pain at every level. Rebecka had a passion for study and how things work, she worked toward her full body alignment. From a young age Rebecka understood how to work hard and keep her focus on her visions. Rebecka met Carole Maureen Friesen with the lightworkers Institute, starting the psychosomatic therapy program by Hermann Muller. Her new career path chose her. With many loved ones betraying her no foundation could be created, much movement, shifting and no stability she went from victim to victor.  Rebecka healed her own body back into alignment and balance with the tools she learnt. She understood it worked for her body, then she understood it would work for everybody and body balance was born. Rebecka started Body Balance Full Body Workin with only $28 in her pocket.  Body Balance Full Body Workin is a custom revolutionary program written for the future of holistic health. As two heads are better than one, Body Balance is designed for working together on self healing with all layers of your body. It is time to come home check in on your body with full awareness and consciousness. Doing Homework on all levels from the surface to the core; it is time to workin, not workout. Rebecka works with you as two heads are better than one, she teaches you how to come back home to your body. Rebecka works naturally and organically with your tissue so that it can understand how to let go of pain from your past on all levels of your body. True results and real connections are made at Body Balance. When you believe in health yet are served other things in reality, one day your belief becomes your reality. Rebecka had a vision of health for herself and a vision of health for the world. Body Balance Blossomed from the ground up!