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Precise clarity in her mind’s eye

Rebecka is one of the most extraordinary beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I have never met a therapist/energy worker who was as aware, as intuitive, and as skilled in the art of mind/body/sprit connection as Rebecka. U went for a psychosomatic massage treatment with her, which had a profound effect on me. She is a highly intuitive person who can see things with precise clarity in her mind’s eye. Not only that, she is also acutely aware of the various messages being conveyed by the universe at any given time. What I admire most is that she lives in a space beyond judgement-a space where she sees truth and communicates it with her clients openly and freely. However, it requires deep listening and desired learning on our part. If you’re ready to hear it, to become aware of it, to feel it, to be released from it, even and perhaps most importantly, to act upon it, then go see Rebecka!

Fa Rah