How I beat body pain - BodyBalanceFullBodyWorkin
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How I beat body pain

Rebecka is an expert in pain and how to beat body pain; she is the best at body pain breakthroughs! Rebecka has a non judgmental and authentic approach that will allow you to understand your body and get true results. Rebecka walks the walk, talks the talk and does her homework she will push you forward on your new and improved body break through. This is Rebecka’s story surviving 9 car accidents none of which were at fault and 7 death experiences Rebecka was at the end of her road her injuries caused weight and pain gain of 195lbs. Living with major chronic pain, fibromyalgia and every trauma under the sun and getting spiritually attack since childhood, according to reality no hope for the future. Leaving an abuse childhood home at 16 a lone wolf on her journey with most everyone in her life taking from her honey pot, knock her down not lift her up, this was devastating to her heart. Rebecka had so much pain and trauma her body quit, she was forced to change her career. Rebecka could not do much physical activity as the doctors told her the spleen was compromised not to work out have children or it could explode and she would die. Rebecka used food to heal from the inside out and she starting eating right for her blood type. Rebecka used tools such as positive thinking and visualization focus, breathing, meditation, yoga, and psychosomatic therapy to cure her body and her life. She understood every second counts every breath matters Rebecka had one thing clear; her vision she was determined and focused to get healthy. Working one breath one moment at a time, it was not easy it was a brutal struggle every day of her life she did the work and it worked. Rebecka could not get away from this dark cloud attached to her meanwhile struggling with her health and getting her foundation on the ground with many loved ones betraying her she never gave up. This was the first year Rebecka used her authentic voice and got her health back she started a foundation, a foundation of health. Rebecka had a passion for health and healing she understood what she did to align and heal her body worked to obtain real results, then it would work for everybody; body balance was born. Rebecka designed and wrote Body balance full body workin as a custom revolutionary program written for the future of holistic health and designed for a healing exchange of self healing. Two heads are better than one using all modalities and working on all levels from the surface to the core for true results. When you can only see your dreams and believe in health while reality you are served other things. In reality one day your belief becomes your reality and your reality becomes your dreams.